City Builders Approach

City Builders works with communities focused on accelerating economic growth through innovation and entrepreneurial economic development.

City Builders has a unique approach that iteratively engages and connects a diverse network of community stakeholders, business leaders, policy makers and innovators to catalyze problem solving on local community challenges that will drive regional economic growth.

Town Hall Kickoff

City Builders starts working with a community by organizing a town hall forum that invites and includes a diverse group of stakeholders.

Every community is unique, and participants will reflect the community's demographics, industries, geographies and economic interests. But in all cases, town halls are open, collaborative dialogs facilitated by City Builders that encourage innovative, fresh approaches to connect community assets, talent, industry leaders and policy makers to proactively drive entrepreneurial economic growth.

City Builder Town Halls enable community stakeholders to have honest conversations about the economic challenges that are preventing a community from accelerating innovation-based economic growth.

Tools and Resources

City Builders provides a vetted suite of tools and resources to help organize ideas, map community assets, track progress and identify gaps.

Focused, Iterative Strategic Planning for Growth

City Builders will bring forward a proven approach to work with community stakeholders for 3-12 months to engage with innovators, business leaders, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and public officials. Together, these community advocates and leaders will co-develop and deploy a focused strategy for creating economic growth that aligns with the unique assets and characteristics of your community.